Christmas greetings

2020 did not turn out quite as anyone had imagined. Covid-19 turned the world upside down, and we’re still living with the virus around us.


Thank you for taking this seriously and following the infection control rules so that we have all been healthy and for helping your company through this difficult time. But remember – the fight is not over. We can not relax now, but we must stand the race out. It may look like we’ll get a vaccine in 2021, but nothing’s clear yet.


Malvin Varne AS has had record sales in 2020 despite these difficult times. We in the management work hard to ensure that you have a safe and secure workplace, and you work hard to ensure that we achieve our goals. Together we are gold!


Trond Tvedt was hired as general manager from May. He is the right man to build on the good culture and the growth we plan for the next few years. With that, I have pulled myself a little to the side after many years of hard work, where stone upon stone is built, with you as part of this team. I will still be with the company, but in a different role.


Since we can not gather in a safe and good way this year, we have decided that the best Christmas gift we can give you is money. Remember there are many shops struggling in these times, and many have insecure jobs, so by using the money locally you help to ensure our shops, towns and cities can continue to have a good selection and safe jobs. No duty, just a call.


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Hein Arve Varne